Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eyes Wide Open

Clarity in my vision
Clear and concise decisions
Knowing exactly what I want and need
From lessons learned, I now heed
Voice of reasoning in my ears
No need to front, everything is as it appears
Taking control of my destiny
My worth has endless density
To your words and actions, I listen
Everything I need to know, is given
Smarter with my choices
Adhering to the inner voices
Recognizing ill intentions from the door
Knowing I deserve more
My future has already been chosen
Eyes wide open

Good Morning All! This is how I am feeling this morning...Tired of the bs...Flipping the page...


Brian Miller said...

glad you end it on making realities, cause if you dont like what you have...you are the one to change it...

JStar said...

I changed the "realities" line :) but still the sense of that...EXACTLY Brian!

Reggie said...

Very nice.

Paul Wynn said...

Digging this one Jstar but for some reason I keep picturing Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman...but then again thats eyes wide shut