Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hold me tight and secure
And with your eyes allure
Your sincerity that is within
And the sexiness in your grin
Smiling from the inside out
Not falling victim to doubt
Enjoying now without expectations
Releasing any limitations
Open and allowing a natural flow
No explanations to owe
Cherishing each moment spent
Comfortably and content

Good Morning All! So many people put too many expectations on things...This reflects just allowing things to happen naturally, and whatever happens...happens...This is something I have had to work on over the years myself...So its a lot more fun just chilling out...and accepting whatever comes...


Brian Miller said...

life can be hard when we are always putting expectations on it and it certainly can strain relationships...i think a key is communication...

Freckles said...

Brian, I totally agree. I am involved with a wonderful man right now that likes to talk to me. He talks to me about all sorts of things. he even asked that we speak about not so comfortable things which we do and they are still not comfortable but I often walk away or hang up feeling more secure in letting him love me. Jen, this was a great poem for so many reasons but I can relate it to my moment. I always look forward tohim just holding me and feeling secure when there are no words.

I am starting to feel inspired. thanks sis.