Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We rise up just to fall back down
Daily trying our best not to drown
Having that one that’s by your side
Holding you tight through this roller coaster ride
When life knocks you from every angle thought of
Providing strength and joy only given through His love
Makes every second of every day worth the fight
Finding true peace and happiness despite

Good Morning All!  I just wanted to remind everyone, that despite it ALL...He will carry you when you cannot walk...I wanted to do a sensual, sexy piece today because that is kinda how I am feeling...But these words spilled through my pen...So an inspirational day it is :) enjoy!

Ok, I did a quick name change of this blog...I got tired of "Inside Jstar's Head" because its not technically true...My words are not even a thought...They flow directly from my heart onto paper...With no reason or rhyme at times...or even understanding...So until I come up with something catchy...Poetically Jstar it is :)


Brian Miller said...

i like the new name...and how true on your verse...life comes at you fast and can beat you up pretty good if you let it...

Val said...

It's amazing how you read something and someone writes something just when you need to read it! Thanks for sharing this, JStar.

25champ said...

Loved it :)

Cynthia said...

thank you for sharing the spiritually
uplifting piece - and these words
are an enduring truth.

change is good - I enjoy changing
my blog every year.

Noelle said...

Love the new name and the inspirations!!