Thursday, August 18, 2011

Through the Fire

I have been through the fire
Made plans from this earth to expire
I experienced homelessness, rape(s), and molestations
That attempted to crack my foundation
But what my father did hurt worse than any other
I went through two divorces and battled lifelong depression
But in the end, I have learned more than one lesson
I got off track but found my way back
Gaining the strength I lacked
My daughters gave me my motivation
But God’s Word prevented total desolation
And gave me back the fight and faith I required
To survive through the fire

Good Morning All! This one came from the heart...


Brian Miller said...

yeah i felt have been through the proverbial fire and back jstar...i am glad you walked out the other side of it...smiles.

Jason said...

Powerful J. I felt every word. You look fab in your profile pic too.

JStar said...

YES Brian...Many times I shouldnt have made it...But I KEPT pushing...Because I had no choice...I have two daughters that I will give my life for...and they needed me...So I had to do whatever!!

I kinda just listed things briefly Jason...STILL having trouble even writing about those things much less expressing that pent up emotion behind each event...I KNOW I have to release it one day. I have hinted here and there about most of the above...but to admit it all...was hard..

:) Thanks Jason-I am still not sure why my hair looks brown in that pic because its surely red. I guess it was the lighting but still a good pic nonetheless

Soul Knight said...

this was a true testament to faith!!

I owe you a hug

Freckles said...

I agree Soul Knight. A true testament of faith. Though it often gets hard to encourage yourself but you have to push through it all. This and that shall come to pass and trouble dont last always. I am so super proud of you Jen. God is so awesome and I see the God in you. Keep pushin on sis.