Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Confusion invades and brings me doubt
Shedding light on everything I am unclear about
Causing me to be indecisive
As well as apprehensive
I want to learn to trust my heart
And finish what I start
Maybe I am more “in love” with being loved
And scared to live life feeling unloved
Still learning how to love and give my all
With confidence to stand tall
Instead of pulling people in, just to run away
Allowing my heart to be easily led astray
Knowing I need to let go
And take things slow
In order to make better decisions
To see beyond my line of vision
Just when I think I am healed
Someone comes from left field
Making my heart skip a beat
Forgiving me for my deceit
But I am still unsure
If I am strong enough to endure
Every time I try to move on
My attention is drawn
For a love that still pulsates my being
While doubts have my heart disagreeing
Not sure which way to turn
To receive the love I yearn
Trying to see clearly through this delusion
And break free from this state of confusion

Hello All! WHY of WHY does his voice STILL make my heart skip a beat? The second I attempt to move you, he is right there...Why does he have such a hold on my heart? That I just cant break free of...


Brian Miller said...

obviously you had a deep connection...and perhaps deep down you wish it was still going on...letting go is def hard work...

25champ said...

sometimes theres no answer..there are just some ppl n this world that have our #..prblm is that we may cross paths at the wrng times..maybe theres something 2 pursue, but its something that has 2 happen naturally

Dulce said...

Seems this love is never going to leave your heart.
Beautifully stated.

The Visionary Butterfly said...

Hello Love,

Cool new hair cut. You are the rhyming queen for sure, love your poem :)


Alee. said...

I loved this! You're super talented and your haircut is dope.

Steve E said...

HEY, JStar, I did not realize this poem is a slice (word intended) of your life. WOW! Sad, girl.

When I'm able, I like to think of this time as a brick in the building of a house named 'me'...Letting go is the hardest thing God has ever asked me to do. So, sometimes I don't do it--grin!

PEACE in your life, woman.