Friday, October 23, 2009


Everytime you walk into a room, I feel you
I feel the strength of our hearts pursuit

When I close my eyes, you are on my mind
Feelings take over and chills run up and down my spine

Yearning to feel you deep inside
Wanting to feel our passions fully collide

Craving to feel your kisses caressing me
From head to toe, setting me free

The depths of these feelings my hearts confessed
Thoughts of you leave me completely breathless...

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


Dad.. said...

Very nice! That'd do it for me if I heard or read those words from my sweetie!

Great Playlist BTW!! I'm rockin it right now!

JStar said...

Thanks Dad!!

heavealie said...

sensual and sweet.well written poem!keep writing!!

JStar said...

Thanks again Heavealie :) Your words are inspiring