Thursday, October 22, 2009


I love you enough to let you go
I know my apprehension has clearly shown

Our personalities conflict
Future problems I can depict

I don’t think I can be the woman for you
Even though my feelings for you are true

I am not built for the sacrifice of your career
When I have to sleep alone, I shed tears

The distance is too hard for me
My loyalty I can no longer guarantee

A relationship should not be lonely
Even if I am your one and only

I need more than you could possibly give
This emptiness I do not want to relive

I need attention that you cannot produce
Future pain I do not want to induce

Although love has clouded my vision
My feelings are in a division

Our paths are going in opposite directions
Despite our hearts connection

I don’t want to hold your heart on reserve
My complete honesty you deserve

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