Monday, October 26, 2009


For years I longed for your love
I thought it was me you were proud of
Now I see your wife’s replacement, you were looking for
It wasn’t me you adored
I was a developing teen
My fears remained unseen
Day by day you tested the depths you would go
I was to keep quite so no one would know
Instead of teaching me who I am to be
A life time of uncertainty is now guaranteed
I left before it went any further
All this pain from my own father

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


Liam said...

Is it me or does this sound a little sad?

ms. downlow said...

Very intriguing JStar!

As always, love your writing--you are truly an artist.

Thanks for your continued support! I love seeing what you're up to!!!

JStar said...

Yes Liam, that was a very sad time in my life but writing about it helps me release that pain...

Thank you sooo much Ms Downlow!

heavealie said...

you write a lot about the darker sides of life.indeed if this has actually happened in your life-this was a very painful event that occurred.hope you have come out of that got the courage at the right moment you didn't let the things go any further which was really brave on your can call it luck or coincidence but on this very subject i wrote a poem about 5months back named "sinful deed:my dad"-its based on the same subject although it was just a figment of my imagination-just an idea.well written poem!!keep writing!!

JStar said...

Yes Heavealie, I write about the sad truths that I have experienced. Its sorta my therapy if you should say. Most of these happened as an early teen or a young adult. But there were situations with my own father and then other things that happened later by different people. I am STILL trying to recover...