Thursday, October 29, 2009


Baby, close your eyes and feel with your senses
Shut off all of your defenses
Don’t think with your mind
Witness this as we intertwine
Focus on the energy that is being produced
Absorb it as it is introduced
Into your soul
Conceive me within you as I console
Experience the vibes that we create
These feelings we elate
Put your arms around me and squeeze tight
I invite you to be apart of this plight
Immerse yourself into my atmosphere
Relax as our souls adhere
And become as one
Enjoy what has begun
This can never be undone
We are connected in every way
Notice my persona is displayed
Nothing to hide
These feelings we cannot deny
I embrace the kiss on my lips
This is our personal eclipse
I clutch your gentle touch
Baby, I love you so much
As chills ride my spine
This love we define
But not into words
These feelings can only be felt and not heard
Dip into my intellectual
Make it ever so sensual
And sprinkle me with your trust
This is far beyond lust
This is love that is so true
This love to the fullest we pursue
It is unexplainable science
Feel as I demonstrate my love in silence

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Liam said...

MJ was playing as I read your post. Funny how his songs seem to fit all moods.

JStar said...

:) Yea that was by chance because my songs play at random. Glad you are reading :) I wanted to post something not as sad today...

heavealie said...

"This is our personal eclipse" well thought of line.sensual and gentle as the soft touch!!indeed your words goes with your title!!keep writing!!

JStar said...

@Heavealie- Thats the thing, I dont have to think of a catchy line...It just flows out natuarally. My poetry isnt something I plan to write, its just something I have to write :) and thank goodness it turns into something beautiful :)