Monday, October 19, 2009


Rolling her long silky brown hair
Apply make up to prepare

For her junior homecoming
Looking at the woman she is becoming

Her dress hugging her curves
Hoping her future boyfriend treats her as she deserves

Her first time wearing heels
Knowing its excitement that she feels

Posing as a grown woman with such innocence
The young child I am watching transform I reminisce

She is preparing for the world not knowing all its horror
She will make mistakes as she explores

I am there to help her learn and teach her how to get back on her feet
Overcoming lies and deceit

She has only experienced her first heartbreak
Discovering so called friends can be fake

So much more to learn
Knowing she is smart and will make a man earn

His right to her heart
Giving her strength to overcome if or when they grow apart

It seems like only yesterday I was changing her diapers
Now it’s the tears falling down her cheeks I wipe

Wishing her more success than I experienced
Praying my mistakes have influenced

Her future decisions
I am sure that her life will be more than I can currently envision

My precious baby is no longer a child
I sent her off to her dance and within I smiled

© copyright Mon Oct 19 8:12:00 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


Liam said...

another brilliant song that doesn't fit the post. But wow you really do play great music. Marvin all the way.

JStar said...

lol Thanks Liam...I dont attach certain songs with each poem...I have a media player on my page that plays my top picks at random...

Meagan said...

JStar, I'm all emotional right now )-: You took me back to my sons first prom. The proud mother I was, watching my so handsome son. Realizing my huggies days we're really over. Hard to watch em' grow, leave. But so beautiful to experience and share in their growth.


1manview said...

Great piece Jstar.. I watch my daughters go from tomboys to dresses.. Never let the words "I'm busy" utter out your mouth. They will be young ladies before you can totally appreciate the innocent years..

I was reading some of your other poems, the poem Stimulation definitely fits the song sexual healing. lol... Really like the tone of that poem..

JStar said...

Yes Meagan, thats EXACTLY how I am feeling right now...I just cant believe it...She is growing up soo fast and her sister is right behind her...I am sooo not ready lol...but what can we do...

1Manview, thats my thing, my daughter has NEVER worn a dress, skirt or heels...She is a jeans and tennis shoes type of child...She looked like a grown woman in that dress, all made up like a woman. She was beautiful!

lol, yes that is a good song to go with my poem Stimulation :) but I dont get to chose which song plays when you read a certain poem...