Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Letter to my readers

To my readers;

I thank you very much for reading my poetry and commenting. Those comments make me feel good. Like I am actually a good writer lol. Most of my poetry is things that I have actually gone through, the good, the bad and the ugly. I am just real with my writing, and say the truth regardless of what someone may think of me. These are issues that a lot of people deal with or struggle with but haven’t admitted it to themselves much less anyone else. So, I really hope my words touch you, just as these situations have touched me all the way to my soul. It makes my pain worthwhile, if I can touch people with my experiences. If I can comfort them and letting them know that they are not alone. That someone else has gone through this and survived. Then there are things that I write about that I have yet to feel or experience and want. Now, I want to touch areas that I have not gone through, trying to expand my writing to reach all topics that people go through. Writing to me is very therapeutic, so I thank all of my loyal readers for taking time and sharing a moment with me. Please be patient with me as I write things that are difficult for me. All of these things may not be something that I am currently going through, but have been through. Writing helps me release those feelings that I keep bottled up. When I am emotional and hurting, it is really hard for me to write about it at that time. Sometimes I wait years to write about something. I am in the process of putting my poetry together in a story format and will be writing about various topics in order to completely tell my story. I apologize if I say anything to offend anyone. I am telling you now if you don’t already know; I am going to be real and raw. Sit back and relax through my journey called life  I also want to pray now for forgiveness about writing secular poetry. These are my experiences and mistakes that I have made, but I have to accept these things in order to move on with my life in the direction I need to be.

Much Love,


Unbreakable said...

Accepting is hard but its need in order to gives and move on with our lives. keeping it real is the way to go we all go through struggles of familiar and similar types, so yes you will always tough someone with your experience continue to be the way you are.

Its just great being you.

JStar said...

Thanks a lot Unbreakable!!

ms. downlow said...

Do your thing, JStar! I agree, writing is great therapy. I'm on the mend as we speak!

Ready to do some more damage! LOL

I'm looking forward to experiencing your emotions, and seeing you triumph!

Meagan said...

JStar from what I take from your writing, you are very real, raw, straight from the heart kinda gal… I like that! All that you express in your writings are so relatable, I really enjoy your writing, keep doing your thing.


Liam said...

Writing from the heart can never be wrong. Keep it up and I'll keep reading.

JStar said...

Thank you do much Ms Downlow, Meagan and Liam. You give me inspiration to produce new a fresh poetry, and release whats locked inside regardless of what it is!