Thursday, October 15, 2009


Your sorrows are forgotten but still remain
Currently not driving you insane

Deep within they are bleeding
Giving power while misleading

Intoxicating your inner thoughts
Leaving you completely distraught

Even more confused
Ego continues to bruise

Drink after drink
Mind and heart no longer in sync

Puffing and passing
Memories still harassing

Too blasted to even care anymore
Feelings totally being ignored

Now able to sleep without nightmares
Victory declares

One more day concluded
Horrors eluded

But still slowly eating at your flesh
New problems continue to manifest

Nothing to look forward to
To the bottom of the bottle you subdue

Awake and start the routine again
Now your sanity totally depends

On these chemicals you’re using to set free
Still trashed with debris

Sobriety never again tasted
Lifeless life remains wasted

© copyright Thu Oct 15 8:11:00 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


E's said...

Lifeless life wasted...That's what an uncontrolled bottle and substance abuse do to you - takes your life and wastes the remains. Being with the wrong woman is comparable...:)

JStar said...

E- So true. I have seen this up close and personal on both avenue's and its not pretty. lol, I feel ya, and being with the wrong man is compareable :)

Meagan said...

JStar thank you for your words of encouragement, as your are most probably right! Maybe I need to refrain, just might conjure up some of my masked demons!

Best To You,

JStar said...

Yea, I am struggling with that NOW...I cant say that I have been able to stop, wish I had that under my belt...Me, I have problems sleeping so that helps...I say if you havent touched it in that time, why go back down that path again? Have a glass of wine, it gives the same effect lol

Pam said...

Love it! It really tells about how we sometimes just want to hide behind different vices to get away from our problems. Great job!

Liam said...

Great song! Earth wind a & Fire.

I don't think it suits the really meaningful words you wrote but I love them both.

JStar said...

Thanks Pam and Liam!! This poem was dedicated to my brother who stays wasted 24 7, and my ex husband who had a drug problem...