Monday, November 30, 2009


My heart feels like the moon in an eclipse
Craving your kisses on my lips

Remembering the feelings felt picking you up from the airport
Heart pounding like a ball on the basketball court

Your hugs as comforting as a nice warm blanket
Right at that moment my heart flagged a sign that read TAKEN

Every second with you felt as if time stopped
All of my guards immediately dropped

Years of anticipation
Defining my hearts dedication

The second I left your presence
The reassurance of your eyes now in absence

I started doubting myself and constantly analyzing
Debating if this was real or was I just fantasizing

Was it possible for you to love me as you said
But I feel as if I have awakened from the dead

I was terrified of being hurt again
My wounds still had yet to mend

I still remember the pain
When you left to catch the plane

In fear I pushed you away time after time
But I couldn’t run from what had already been defined

My love for you runs deep within
To places no one else has ever been

I am unable to let go
Now I am ready to go all out and allow my love to clearly show

I am ready to prove my loyalty to you
And demonstrate to you that my love is true

I want to no longer reminisce
My heart is now ready to shine through this eclipse

© copyright Tue Nov 30 6:58:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


Dulce said...

What a lovely tribute to your beloved. One year is nothing compared to this powerful feeling of yours!

JStar said...

Thank Dulce, we have actually known eachother for 7 years :) Worked together every day...I was his supervisor :) But he was married and I was married...We have both been seperated and divorced from out spouses since 2004 but due to his career (Navy) kept us apart all those years...But we still kept in close contact. Just couldnt let eachother go...But he came here for school this day last year and we had until April...Instead of being grateful for the time we had, I gave him hell... He will be here very soon :) and I cant wait!! and I pray that he will forgive me and take me back :) We will see I guess...We do talk everyday so thats a good thing :)

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Absolutely beautiful.

JStar said...

Thanks Tee :)

Liam said...

I don't think he has any cause to doubt your sincerity. We men sometimes take the love our girlfriend/wife gives us for granted. I think it's human nature that we males are a bit thick skinned in the expression department. Obviously you don't have that problem.

JStar said...

I hope not Liam, I sure have been giving him the run around...But I am sure that he does know that I truly love him. I have been terrified...No :) you see I can express myself very well lol...He does have a hard time expressing his feelings to me. But he isnt sure right now if I am serious this time around.

Katlynne LaSalle said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL JStar! Time for you to publish your poetry book!

Thanks for loving my rewrite and commenting about it today on my blog, along with all of your other fab comments on my Erotic Envy blog!!!

You Rock!!

JStar said...

Yea Kat, I have been working on it :)

Not a problem, my comments dont give justice to your writing :) The book was OFF THE CHAIN!