Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This Time...

Right now my sailor is on a ship
Wishing you were close enough so I could get a grip

Deep into your soul
Years ago my heart you stole

Working together everyday
But our spouses we didn’t want to betray

Your eyes gripping my soul with that smile
My heart pounding all the while

Lusting to wake each day next to you
The roughest times in my life you helped me through

Years have passed but our love and friendship have remained
The deep feelings we have for each other cannot be explained

We now have the chance to explore
True love to its core

Time gave us this chance
And is now allowing us to advance

To depths we only dreamed of
To find out if this is really love

Now that I can claim you as mine
Our hearts can now intertwine

I cannot wait until I feel your arms surrounding me
Turning this love up to the next degree

Now we have a chance to define
These feelings that have grown only stronger over time

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

You write such beautiful poetry.

JStar said...

Thanks Tee :)

Liam said...

It is beautiful but it's soaked with tragedy. I hope you get to see him.

JStar said...

Yea, very true Liam. I actually had a very long convo with him since I posted this, this morning. :) We agreed to take it one day at a time and see where that takes us :) I am glad that he can forgive me and at least attempt to make it work. I love that man more than I even realized when I had him :) So now, I can do it right this time around.