Monday, November 2, 2009

What's Love...

Really, truthfully
Two hearts connected as one,
Loving each other endlessly
Accepting each other’s faults
Showing the other unconditional true love
Without expecting anything in return
Supporting one another in everything
No matter the consequence
Agreeing to disagree, communication strengthens

But we are afraid of getting hurt
Lied to, betrayed, or cheated on
Mentally or physically
We are scared to completely let go and wholeheartedly love

My problem is that I don’t know how to love if it’s not completely
Giving my all
I don’t know how to love partially
What’s the point
If it’s not REALLY LOVE…

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heavealie said...

love is an important emotion and integral part of most of the poems!!well written and pretty well described relations in your poem.very few people write or even post poems on their blogs!!great to find a new poet!!keep writing!!

JStar said...

Thank you so much Heavealie!! Well you have def found the right blog for poetry :) I have decades worth of poetry here!

Liam said...

I used to get very confused about this subject until a very wise person told me that our sole responsibility to love is to give it freely

unfortunately the complications come when we expect others to do the same.

JStar said...

Amen to that Liam! So very true! Sorry I had to disable my music. It was causing me problems opening my blog. I cant remember how to set it so that you have to click it to turn it on instead of automatically. So, I deleted the whole thing and now I cant even get the songs back that I had up there. I will work on this!

Don said...

Love, hard. If not - then I feel like a person would only be wasting their time and the other person's time.

JStar said...

So very true Don...