Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Souls Kissed

You were the first man I ever dreamed of
The first man I ever wanted to love

Our families and age got in the way
But in my heart you were there to stay

Now decades have passed us by
My feelings I still cannot deny

Since I am still not able to claim you as mine
I didn’t expect our souls to intertwine

All I anticipated was one night of bliss
Now I can’t stop yearning for your kiss

Words can’t give justice to the emotions we shared
No other experience in my life can ever be compared

That comfort zone we find in each other
Can never be found in any other

Now where do we go from here
Our souls have now adhered

There is no turning back now
Our hearts are forever connected regardless of what life will allow

My love for you deep within will always exist
Now that our souls have eternally kissed

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


heavealie said...

breaking all the barriers finally yes the two souls have connected!!well written poem with tender emotions!!in the end love overcoming all the barriers and emerging from the depths was well portrayed here!!well written and keep writing!!

Liam said...

I don't want you to take this wrong. I am just genuinely curious.

Have you considered not writing in prose sometimes? I would love to read your take on things from that perspective.

JStar said...

Thanks Heavealie!!! And the thing is that I still carry love for that man, but he is married and we can never be together. Our family is like an extended version of his family so I see him regularly too :( but I guess it wasn’t meant to be...

Liam, ok I am embarrassed to say but I had to look up what a prose poem was lol. I have never taken any writing classes or anything so I really had no idea. Ok I looked up prose tho and it said no rhyme or reason basically an active story written beautifully...Ok, I can see where everything I write it what I felt at that moment so it’s active. I would like to discuss this further on email if that ok? I do want to grow in my writing very much and would LOVE some pointers!!