Thursday, December 10, 2009


The love I feel for you is more than just lust
Even though there are miles of roadway between us

Your love comforts when distance prevails
Depths once thought impossible are now unveiled

We are now again oceans apart
But in your hands you hold the only key to my heart

Whatever comes our way we can transcend
Before we became lovers we began as friends

Our years of friendship has made loving you instinctive
Spending time around you now is purely seductive

I wish I could have you every second of everyday
Since that is impossible today

I will be patient as I prove my love to you
No matter how long it takes, no matter what we have to go through

Our love is in existence
Nothing changes except a little distance

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Gregorio Martino said...

You are obviously filled with love for your man. Keep the fires burning.

JStar said...

Absolutely Gregorio! and he feels the same for me...We are trying to keep the fires burning...But we are taking it slow to ensure sucess this time around :)

25champ said...

Put your love in Gods and it will prevail. U sound very genuine and I think ur man will appreciate that sooner or later.

JStar said...

Most Def 25champ!! I agree witht hat 100% I am extermely sincere and he see's that...I am still waiting for him to take me back so he can have that title "man" again :) but I dont see it too much longer, hopefully...

Senorita said...

Glad he's back in your life. Is he overseas in the military ?

JStar said...

:) Thanks Senorita! No, he is in San Diego awaiting his orders to the east coast :)

Don said...

Love the ending. A perfect summary of the heartfelt sentiment. I bet he cannot wait until the weekend, as well.

Hot! @ I wish I could have you every second of everyday I don't think there is a man alive who doesn't loe it when his woman speaks these words, or something similar.

JStar said...

:) Thanks Don...I am not seeing him this weekend :( He is still awaiting his orders here...But he is at the point where words are just words, he is waiting for my actions....I broke up with him like 5 times just being scared and he is making me wait to take me back this...Ok, I have learned my lesson now lol

Anonymous said...

An expression of real love, a love love that will endure, and stay warm.

JStar said...

:) Thanks...Yea I sure pray it stays warm!!!