Wednesday, December 23, 2009


When I first meet you I wasn’t sure what would unfold
The chemistry we had could not go untold
As soon as we laid eyes on each other we connected
It was like when I looked in your eyes I saw my life reflected
I felt as if I couldn’t get enough
Of you, Like you were sent from above
I could feel your love up my spine
You were someone that I can spend all of my time
I just had to make you mine
Your body I desire
Your love sets my heart on fire
You are just what I needed in my life
My heart feels like a kite floating in the sky
You make me feel so good inside
Any instructions I can abide
You inside me is what I lust
Experiencing you is a must
Making love to you is like no other
You are the best lover
Friend and confidant that I could have asked for
I couldn’t have wished for more
We are so much alike it is unreal
My heart is yours to steal
Wonderful is the way you make me feel
You keep me flowing like a river
You make my body quiver
They way I feel is indescribable
Words do not give it justice, it is unbelievable
Anytime you need me look to your right, I will always be by your side
I am here for that long ride
Anything that comes our way we can handle
Our love will never go out like a candle
Anytime you feel like you need me just call
I will be there giving you my all
I love you boo
And will do anything for you

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


Secretia said...

That is unconditional love and desire!

JStar said...

:) Thanks Secretia....Yea this is love at its fullest...

Liam said...

Hey it almost sounds like Hip pop.

JStar said...

:) Thanks Liam....These were some strong emotions right here

Dulce said...

This is so beautiful my friend. You are the love poet par excellence!

Merry Xmas my dear J ;)

JStar said...

Thanks Dulce :) Yea love poems are the easiest for me...I wrote this wanting this feeling....I almost have it :) Merry Christmas to you as well Dulce!!

Elizabeth said...

I like this one a lot. it expresses how i feel at the moment. happy holidays!

JStar said...

:) Aww so happy to hear Elizabeth!! Now I cant wait til mine comes...

heavealie said...

emotions overflowed to the brim with your words!!very well written romantic poem,heartfelt and true to every word!!keep writing!!

JStar said...

Thanks Heavealie :)