Thursday, December 3, 2009


At work unable focus on the phone, I’m in my own little zone
Whatever they are talking about is unknown

My mind is in a trance
Focused on last nights romance

I am still feeling your love immersing my pores
My soul kissing yours

The sensual touch of your ecstasy
Bringing reality to our fantasies

Your kisses floating my senses
Naturally your love leaves me defenseless

My hearts pain you completely console
Your love seeping the depths of my heart and soul

My senses redefined and enhanced
Your love locks me in a total trance

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


Dulce said...

WOW!!! This is so beautiful and full of love...romantic, yes that's in the air!

JStar said...

Thanks Dulce :) Love is so refreshing!!!

Gregorio Martino said...

That was very romantic. I loved it.

JStar said...

Thanks Gregorio :)

Liam said...

You must have thousands of poems stocked up.

JStar said...

Yea Liam, I have decades worth of poetry stocked up...I could write three books :)

Liam said...

Now there is an idea. Why don't you take the best of the best and write one book?

JStar said...

I am working on that now Liam :)