Friday, December 4, 2009

Miles Away

Even though you are miles away
My heart only feels the love we share
Our love is powerful and here to stay
I will always feel how much you care

You are within my soul, every fiber in my being
The connection we share is undeniable
We have our problems that were not foreseen
But our love is always reliable

We are worth fighting for
Whatever it takes
Whatever God has in store
No matter how high the stakes

We can surpass, as long as we have each other
The world is our play ground
No one can put us under
Even as problems mound

We will find a way
Hold onto what we have, just don’t give up
And the benefits will come as they may
We have more on our side than luck

I miss you, and will be here
For you no matter what, no matter how long
Because our love will do the steering
There is no way we can go wrong

God will provide us with more
Just learn the lessons that are in store

I wish you weren’t miles away
But this is God’s way

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Organic Meatbag said...

Very, very nice!

JStar said...

Thank Organic :)

Gregorio Martino said...

True love will last no matter what the distance. I liked it too. and happy Birthday.

JStar said...

Thanks Gregorio, Yes, but sometimes distance causes strain, some relationships are strong enough to make it and some not...I think the only reason we may make it is because he is FINALLY coming here YAY. His commitment to the Navy makes it hard, but I am crossing my fingers :)

Liam said...

What is it with women and sailors?

JStar said...

LOL@Liam...I have worked on Military installations for 12 years now and tried my best to avoid them...But he is special so I made an exception...

JStar said...

And its the uniforms too Liam...They are sooo irresistible

Dulce said...

Oh this distant love so beautiful. Wonderful poem dear J.

JStar said...

Thanks so much Dulce :) Soon the distance will be a distant memory :)

Don said...

This is the kind of sweet poetry that makes a grown man wish he could fly. LOL.

Screwed Priorities said...

That next to the last verse got me. I mean it really touched home. Nice post.

JStar said...

Thanks Don, yea makes me feel the same way...

Glad it touched you as well Screwed Priorities..